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Birds & Bees - Hummingbird, Butterfly, & Bee Bath

  • $38.80

Like all living creatures, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies need water to survive.
They use it to process their food, to drink, to bathe, and bees collect and deliver it to their hive to maintain temperatures.

Our watering station is handmade from solid upcycled granite so it will last for generations. It measures 6” square and has a gently sloped basin with plenty of “shoreline” for gathering and sipping.

A stainless steel perch, accented with a rounded beach stone, is perfect for hummingbirds to preen and dry off. Easily installed aluminum legs hold the bath steady at the optimum altitude.

Fill with fresh water and keep in a shady place to help hydrate your precious garden guests.

• Graceful, Zen design provides a vital resource for hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies      alike.
• Made of durable materials that will never fade, crack, rust, or rot.
• Hand-carved from a single block of upcycled granite.
• Perch with natural stone finial provides a perfect, adjustable resting spot.
• Fill with fresh water and place in shady area.
• Lasts for ages, lifetime guarantee.
• Pre-install the rustproof aluminum legs and press assembly a few inches into the
  ground, or place on deck railing without the legs.
• Prox 6” Sq x 6” H with 16” legs, 4 lbs.
•Handmade in USA by NH artisans.