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Our items are designed and created with longevity in mind. Here are some helpful tips to ensure yours lasts a lifetime. 

Food staining is not a common problem, but there are some combinations of food and granite species that can stain. This is difficult to predict, but 
this video may be helpful in removing a stain.

As a preventive measure, you may apply food grade mineral oil (commonly available at drugstores) to the granite, allow 10 minutes to absorb, then wipe off the excess. This will darken the granite, but will seal it and reduce staining. Reapply as necessary, perhaps every few months, depending on washing frequency.
Another alternative is to apply granite sealer every six months per bottle instructions. Sealers are available from home centers and granite countertop suppliers.

Handle the granite for our Sea Stone Oven-to-Table Platter with care; do not use the granite as a cutting board, as any knife will leave a scratch.

Dust our On The Other Hand Clock with a damp cloth. Cherry will darken naturally over time.
Do not submerge the wooden caddy for our Sea Stone Oven-to-Table Platter into water; wipe clean with a cloth.

We recommend washing our Touchstone Wine Glasses by hand, just like any other fine wine glass. Any other glass, like our On The Rocks Tumblers or Bud Vases, can be washed in the dishwasher.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.