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  • $14.65

Introducing our charming little stone sculpture, affectionately dubbed the “Awestruck – Ghost with the Most”! This delightful piece is hand-carved from natural stone, featuring two peering eyes and a whimsical mouth that seem to whisper secrets of the garden.

Perfect for:

  • Nestling among potted plants, adding a touch of mystery to your greenery.
  • Perching atop fence posts or railings, keeping a watchful eye over your outdoor haven.
  • Hiding in flower beds, ready to surprise and delight unsuspecting admirers.
  • Accenting walkways, guiding your steps with its ghostly grin.
  • On your desk or bookshelf, as a quirky companion while you work or read.
  • In a terrarium, creating a playful scene among miniature plants and moss.
  • Beside your front door, greeting guests with its friendly spookiness.
  • On a windowsill, peering out into the world with curious eyes.

Each Awestruck is unique, with its own character, ensuring that your piece is one-of-a-kind. Embrace the enchantment of Awestruck and let it bring a spirit of playfulness to your indoor or outdoor space!

Remember, it thrives on creativity and surprise, so feel free to let your imagination guide you to new and unexpected places for it to inhabit!  Where will you put yours?

Each Awestruck is handcrafted by local artisans in our studio in New Hampshire.

Stone color and size will vary naturally.

Wholesale Buyers: Available in multiples of 12