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Phone Stone - Wireless Charging Stand

  • $56.00

Phone Stone - Wireless Charging Stand

Rest phone on shelf for fast, effortless charging.

Cut the cable and say hello to easy charging without fumbling with connectors. Our one-of-a-kind Phone Stone wireless phone charger allows fast, convenient charging while keeping the phone easily viewable. The no-tip solid granite also ensures no one “accidentally” runs off with your charger. Perfect on a desk or in a kitchen because it allows easy viewing while charging, and handmade from all natural materials that will last for ages.

  • Phone Stone charges all smartphones with wireless charging, including Apple, Samsung, Google and others. This includes most phones made since 2017, and some from years earlier.
  • Made with solid cherry hardwood and reclaimed natural granite.
  • Optimum angle for convenient phone use: typing, talking, reading, video calls.
  • Compact, stable base won’t tip, and soft feet protect surfaces.
  • Perfect on any desk, counter, or nightstand.
  • Handmade in USA, lifetime unconditional guarantee.

Available 3/1/2024 

Wholesale Buyers: Available in multiples of 12