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MOQ 12

On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Stones Round Plastic Tube

On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones

Regular price $14.65
Cove Granite Soap Dish Handmade

Cove Granite Soap Dish

Regular price $15.75
Nestle Granite Spoon Rest with Wooden Spoon

Nestle Granite Spoon Rest

Regular price $42.75
Perfect Place Trivet with Pot

Perfect Place Trivet

Regular price $15.75
Granite Tea Light Holder

Granite Tea Light Holder

Regular price $13.50
Single Bud Vase Granite and Glass Vase with Daffodils

Rock Solid Bloom Bud Vase

Regular price $27.00
Granite Picture Frame

Spotlight Granite Picture Frame

Regular price $18.00
Niche Business Card Holder

Niche Business Card Holder

Regular price $9.00