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Wine Chilling Coasters

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Dry, full-bodied, oaky, or sweet, some grape varieties are best when served chilled. Before watering down wine with ice, we suggest a rock-solid alternative. Made from reclaimed granite countertops, these coasters provide an ingenious cooling effect. Keep the set in the freezer before uncorking that bottle to lock in their temperature-maintaining magic, then rest the stemless glasses in the coaster to hold the cold longer between sips, and to prevent them from tipping over. Their foam-fitted bottom serves as both insulation for your drink and to prevent condensation from reaching surfaces. Ideal for whites, Zins, pinots, and even Cabs, go ahead and serve your next round of vino on the rocks. Made in New Hampshire.

To use:
1. Freeze coasters for at least 30 minutes.
2. Fill with your favorite chilled wine.
3. Serve & enjoy!
  • Freezable reclaimed granite keeps stemless glasses cold between each sip without dilution from ice.
  • Coasters ensure glasses will never tip because they fit inside precisely bored holes.
  • Each Coaster has its own natural beauty that also severs as a drink identifier.
  • Natural cork inside Coasters absorbs condensation and soft bottoms protect your surfaces from scratches.
  • Store set in the freezer and be ready for happy hour anytime.
  • Made from recovered granite, sustainable cork, foam, and recycled glass.
  • Each set comes with two 4" square Granite Coasters and two 9oz Stemless Wine Glasses.
  • Designed and handcrafted by our team of local artisans in our New Hampshire studio.

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