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Ebb and Flow Outdoor Kinetic Sculpture

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Ebb and Flow Mobile from Sea Stones on Vimeo.

Air is a fluid, as is water. Even the slightest breeze sets these stones in motion in this fluid, and they will continue to float gracefully back and forth in their endless dance with the elements, even with no apparent wind.

This piece is directly inspired by the journey these stones have been on for millennia, perpetually teased by the surf and transformed from prehistoric rough granite chunks into their current smooth, rounded shapes. The gentle, flowing movement of the stones is meant to inspire a similar feeling of impermanence as waves gently gliding up and back on the seashore.

No two of these mobiles are ever the same — the stones are all one of a kind in color, texture, shape and size. The weight of the bottom-most stone uniquely and mathematically determines the weights of each of the others above, in a never-repeating pattern.

Traditional mobiles are light, airy and feathery; they move with the wind and stop moving as soon as it fades. This kinetic sculpture breaks the rules of conventional mobiles, but obeys the laws of physics. It uses the principle of the torsion pendulum and multiple tiers of weights with high moments of inertia to store energy in those tiny stainless steel threads and dissipate it very slowly. There are no links, hooks, or swivels to limit the motion or dissipate momentum, and the thin, clean elements nearly disappear in outdoor light when viewed at normal distance, creating the effect of stones that are elegantly buoyant and gliding through space.

About the artist:
Arra David is a mechanical engineer who has been able to combine his technical expertise with his inner artist to create gratifying works of art made of natural materials and inspired by nature.

He’s known to pull up a chair with a cup of coffee just to enjoy watching these ancient stones doing their peaceful dance in deference to simple physics. He likes that in contrast to a traditional mobile which is made from flat materials that disappear depending on position, this kinetic sculpture’s three-dimensional stones are visible at all angles, so it always shows its good side.

Mounting Pole Option:
The sculpture comes with an attached stainless steel hook and is ready to hang outdoors. If an existing hanging point is not available, our mounting pole may be used. The anodized aluminum pole is bolted to any solid wooden surface, such as a deck railing post, tree, column or fence post, or the side of a house or garden shed. A stone finial is attached to the end, and it includes a stainless steel hook and two stainless steel lag bolts for mounting. No part of the sculpture or pole will rust or require any maintenance. The tube is 1.5” diameter, the bottom is a straight section 24” long for the installation bolts. Approximate pole dimensions: Height 5.5 feet, Extension 4 feet, Weight 5 pounds.

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Granite and stone color will vary and may not be as shown.

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