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Product Launch: Can Chilling Coaster Set Keeps Drinks Cold, Naturally

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Can Chilling Coaster Set
Portable, Fitted Coasters for Naturally Chilled Refreshments
Store our granite coaster set in your freezer and carry the caddy to your celebration for a naturally chilled round of beer or soda.

Handmade from reclaimed granite, the substantial anti-tip coasters employ the chillable quality of stone to keep your beverage cans cold and securely upright.
Can Chilling Coaster Set

The 1 ½” deep holes precisely bored into each Coaster allows cans to nestle inside and stay cool thanks to the remarkable thermodynamic properties of granite. Keep your beverage cool by chilling the entire coaster set in your freezer for at least an hour, or store them in the freezer so they’re always ready for action.

Each Coaster is a different variety of granite, so sippers can easily identify their drinks.

When you lift your drink, the robust coaster will stay where it belongs instead of sticking to the can, and the padded bottoms prevent scratches. The hardwood and aluminum caddy keeps the coasters securely housed and the hand-picked beach stone handle makes the entire set easy to tote.

• Handmade from reclaimed granite
• Freeze entire Coaster Set for at least 1 hour to help keep beverages cold while you sip
• Cans nestle inside Coasters making them anti-tip
• Distinctive granite colors identify drinks
• Coasters will never stick to bottom of cans
• Cork inside coaster protects from condensation and padded bottoms prevent scratches
• FSC Certified Hardwood caddy makes one-handed carrying easy
• Compact design saves space
• Each set is one of a kind and artisan-made in New Hampshire

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