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Cool Coasters Granite Coasters with Chilling Stones Set Press Release

November 23rd, 2018

Cool Coasters with Chilling Stones Set

Set of two Granite Coasters with two Glass Tumblers and two Granite Chilling Stones

Fitted Granite Coasters and Chilling Stones for Perfectly Chilled Spirits

Our Cool Coasters set lets you serve perfectly chilled spirits in impeccable style, with no chance of spills. Each set combines two of our ever-popular On the Rocks solid granite chilling stones, two recycled glass tumblers, and two rock-solid Cool Coasters to go directly from the freezer to the sipper while ensuring that each drink reaches its destination perfectly chilled and undiluted.

The handsome Coasters are made of upcycled granite lined with thick cork to contain condensation and fitted with soft bottoms to prevent table scratches. The precisely-bored holes nest the Glass Tumblers securely into the coasters’ deep recesses. Identifying your Coaster is easy as natural granite colors vary.

Each Cool Coaster set makes the perfect gift for your favorite connoisseur. Pair them with a bottle of their favorite fine spirit and the gift is complete. 

  • Both Coasters and Chilling Stones keep fine spirits at the optimal sipping temperature.
  • Coasters ensure glasses will never tip because they fit inside precisely bored holes.
  • Ideal for sipping and serving fine scotch whisky, whiskey, and other spirits without dilution.
  • Natural cork inside Coasters absorbs condensation and the soft bottom protects your surfaces from scratches.
  • Made from reclaimed granite, cork, and foam.
  • Glass Tumblers are made of recycled glass.
  • Cool Coasters Set makes a beautiful gift. Add a bottle of the receiver’s favorite spirit and the gift is complete.
  • Each set comes with two 4" Square Granite Coasters, two 8oz Glass Tumblers, & 2 On the Rocks Solid Granite Chilling Stones.
  • Designed and handcrafted by our team of local artisans in our New Hampshire studio.

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