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Item SKU Price Qty
Touchstone Wine Glasses, Case of 12

SWG-12-MOQ-1 $513.00
Pirouette Touchstone Wine Glass Holder

SWG-P-MOQ-3 $108.00
New England Stone Bottle Stoppers

SBS-MOQ-12 $27.00
Bottoms Up Wine Bottle Holder

PWBH-MOQ-4 $61.70
On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones
from $16.30
6 pack
OTR-R-6-MOQ-12 $20.80
4 pack
OTR-R-4 $16.30
On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones with Hardwood Tray and Tumblers

OTR-RWT-MOQ-6 $51.75
Whiskey Tumbler Chilling Coaster Set (Cool Coasters)

DCR-2-MOQ-3 $47.25
Mighty Coasters - Set of 4

MCC-4-MOQ-8 $27.00
Mighty Coasters with Hardwood Caddy

MCC-MOQ-6 $51.75
Granite Cheese Board, Chiseled Edge

CBZ-MOQ-4 $65.25
Granite Lazy Susan, Chiseled Edge

LSZ-MOQ-4 $76.50
Granite Chillable Serving Tray

CST-MOQ-4 $87.75
Granite Chillable Serving Tray with Lazy Susan

CST-LS-MOQ-2 $99.00
Perfect Place Trivet

TRVT-MOQ-12 $15.75
Dune Grass Drying Rack

BBDR-MOQ-6 $54.00
Helping Hand - One Handed Granite Paper Towel Holder

PTH-MOQ-4 $65.25
Granite Napkin Rings

SNR-4-MOQ-6 $24.75
Nestle Granite Spoon Rest

GUR-WU-MOQ-6 $36.00
Sea Stone Splash Sponge & Brush Holder

DWGS-MOQ-6 $38.25
Rock Dock Natural Stone Charging Dock
RODO-L-MOQ-6 $43.90
RODO-C-MOQ-6 $43.90
Hold The Phone Natural Stone Phone and Tablet Holder

HTP-MOQ-6 $25.90
Cove Granite Soap Dish
from $13.50
CSD-MOQ-12 $13.50
3 pack - save 15%
CSD-3 $34.40
Encircle Granite Toothbrush Holder

TBH-MOQ-6 $27.00
Heartstone Tealight Holder

HTL-1-MOQ-12 $22.50
Granite Tea Light Holder
from $13.50
GTL-MOQ-12 $13.50
3 pack - save 15%
GTL-3 $34.40
Harmony Tea Light Holder

HTL-MOQ-4 $66.40
Rock Solid Bloom Bud Vase

BV1-MOQ-12 $25.85
Spotlight Granite Picture Frame

GPF-MOQ-12 $19.70
Ebb and Flow Outdoor Kinetic Sculpture

ENF-MOQ-6 $1,750.00