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Oasis - Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

  • $24.40

A serene retreat for nourishing your iridescent friends, this handcrafted hummingbird feeder combines the elegance of natural granite and the durable sparkle of glass.

·         Granite Body: The feeder’s foundation is a solid piece of upcycled natural granite whose weight ensures stability, even during gusty breezes.

·         Glass Nectar Chambers: The granite body houses 4 glass bottle stations awaiting with fresh nectar.

·         Durable Materials: The feeder hangs with solid stainless steel wire which will never rust or corrode.

·         Easy Refill: Simply remove the glass chambers, refill with sweet offerings, and attach the red cap to attract these magical creatures.

·         Natural Camouflage: The muted tones of granite blend seamlessly with surrounding foliage.  Hummingbirds approach without hesitation, feeling at home at this peaceful oasis.


Hang the feeder on a sturdy branch, preferably near flowering plants, let it sway in the breeze, and watch your fluttering friends sip the nectar.


Wholesale Buyers:  Available in multiples of 6.