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Sea Stone Oven-to-Table Platter

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Our platter takes full advantage of the incredible thermal properties of granite to keep garlic bread, brie, pies, and oven-baked appetizers hot, and sushi, chocolate, or cheese cool and fresh. Simply place the granite slab in the oven before serving hot food, or in the freezer in advance of serving cold food to prevent lukewarm disappointment when your guests get to the table.

Once the platter is prepared to the desired temperature, the wood caddy protects it (and your table) and incorporates smooth beach stone handles for easy carrying. The natural color variations and marbling of granite make each platter unique, and it may be heated or chilled to any desired temperature.

  • Made from granite, hardwood ash, aluminum, and beach stones.
  • Heat in oven or cool in freezer depending on what you serve.
  • Ideal for serving hot foods such as mini quiches, spinach pies, baked brie, flatbreads, hot dips, and desserts including pies and tarts.
  • Ideal for serving cool foods such as cheese and charcuterie, fruit and veggie platters, shrimp, cold dips, and frozen treats.
  • Hardwood caddy makes carrying easy and also protects your table.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Handmade in New Hampshire by local artisans.

For Hot Foods: Place granite slab in cold oven. Turn oven on to 350°F and “bake” granite slab for 15 minutes. Carefully remove granite slab from oven with oven mitts and place in wooden caddy. This heats the granite slab to approximately 195°F and it will cool to about 105°F over an hour.

For Cold Foods: Chill granite slab in the freezer for two hours. Remove granite slab from freezer and place in wooden caddy. This chills the granite slab to approximately 25°F and it will warm to about 65°F over an hour. Alternatively, store the granite slab in the freezer; it will always be ready and will chill foods at a colder temperature for longer. 

Care: Granite is dishwasher safe. Do not submerge wooden caddy into water; wipe clean with a cloth. Handle the granite with care; do not use the granite as a cutting board, as any knife will leave a scratch.

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