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Peckish - Cake and Cove Bird Feeder

  • $33.50

Introducing Peckish – Cake and Cove Bird Feeder: a novel and harmonious blend of sustainability, durability, and avian delight!

This is the only feeder design that combines popular cake feeding with a carved granite cove that holds seed, jelly, or water. This attracts a wider variety of birds, and has several major advantages over all other types of cake feeders:

·         Holds suet and seed cakes: Square or round, even multiples stacked.

·         Cove attracts platform feeding birds: Fill with seeds, jelly, or water.

·         Indestructible: Completely immune to damage from any rodent, bird, or weather.

·         Omnidirectional viewing: Provides a clear view from any angle, unlike typical suet feeders that hide birds behind the vertical cage.

·         No greasy hands: No need to touch the food – unwrap and leave the package shell in place, birds feed from the open bottom.

·         No need for no-melt suet: Tested in full sun at 101°F with standard suet proved zero melting. The granite protects the cake by shading it from the sun, and the slab’s thermal mass keeps the cake cool.

·          Stainless steel mesh perch: Crafted with precision, our feeder features a robust solid stainless steel welded wire mesh bottom. Not only does it withstand the elements, but it also ensures easy access for feathered friends to feast on high energy suet cakes.

·         Safe perch: The granite slab shades the stainless welded wire mesh, so birds cling to a cool surface.

·         Upcycled natural granite cap: Crowned with elegance, the cap is hewn from upcycled granite, each piece unique in texture and character.

·         Stainless steel cables: Rustproof and sturdy, simply slide the granite cap up for convenient cake replacement.

·         Can hold multiple cakes: Double the delight! Whether it's woodpeckers, bluebirds, or nuthatches they'll flock to this suet or seed cake banquet.

·         Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 1.75” (without cake), with a 12” hanging stainless steel cable and captive S-hook.

·          Bird types:  Attracts chickadees, nuthatches, purple and house finches, titmice, jays, bluebirds, towhees, and woodpeckers.

·         Easy care: Dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to maintain its pristine appearance.

Handmade in USA by New Hampshire artisans using upcycled, reclaimed granite.

Wholesale buyers: Available in multiples of 6