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Cord Valet - Granite Cord Organizer

  • $15.75

Cord Valet, our handmade granite cord organizer, is the perfect way to keep all your small cords tidy and ready to go.

Two 1/4” wide slots neatly stow charging cords for your cell phone, headset, tablet, or other smaller diameter cords such as network or USB. Cord Valet keeps the connector end handy in a predictable spot and extends the life of your cables by reducing wear and tear. The bulk of each cord is hidden in the gap behind your desk without falling or getting lost. No more searching for lost cables behind your furniture!

Cord Valet reserves a parking place for your phone while charging on your nightstand and acts as a hot or cold drink coaster or home for sticky note pads on your desk. The granite’s weight is perfect to make sure it stays where you place it and won’t slide while in use.

Each upcycled granite tile is treated to a special process that smooths and finishes the rough edges. Since granite varies naturally, every Cord Valet has its own characteristics and color. Soft feet protect your surfaces. Designed and handcrafted by our team of local artisans in our New Hampshire studio.

Granite and stone color will vary and may not be as shown.