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  • Splash Bowl

    The ideal statement for a centerpiece or accent to a counter is our Splash Bowl. Designed with the impact of a water droplet in mind, the gradual curve of aluminum rods echoes that shape. Made our signature sea-smoothed stones, eco-friendly recycled granite, and modern aluminum rods, this contemporary bowl is sure to make an impression. ... more

  • Stone Wine Glasses with Pirouette

    The Pirouette is form and function in chorus. It serves both as a display for your favorite collection of our Stone-Stemmed Wine Glasses and keeps them close at hand and easy to enjoy. Our Pirouette combines the warmth of cherry wood and the timelessness of granite. It inspires you to get your glassware out from hiding in the cabinets and front and center on the countertop, ready to use and relish. ... more

  • All Together Now

    Our six-piece Cool Coasters set lets you serve frosty cocktails and spirits in impeccable style with no chance of spills. The set of two combines our ever-popular On the Rocks stones and rock-solid drink holders to go directly from the freezer to the sipper while ensuring that each drink reaches its destination perfectly chilled and undiluted. ... more

  • Coast Hooks

    Coast Hooks are real stones on brushed aluminum posts, securely mounted on beautiful solid hardwood backplates. The stones are gently rounded through years of rolling in the ocean. They are carefully selected from rivers and beaches all over New England and are used in many practical and decorative ways. ... more

  • Granite Napkin Rings

    Made using the drilled core of our Cool Coaster Set of upcycled granite we receive from local fabricators in New Hampshire , Granite Napkin Rings are a simple and stylish complement to any table setting. more

  • Ebb and Flow

    Air is a fluid, as is water. Even the slightest breeze sets these stones in motion in this fluid, and they will continue to float gracefully back and forth in their endless dance with the elements, even with no apparent wind. ... more

  • Savor the (Pure) Flavor

    Skip the ice and chill with a drink On the Rocks!  Our solid granite chillers allow you to enjoy the pure taste of your finest spirits without diluting or altering their textures or flavors.  Unlike ice cubes, On the Rocks are made from solid granite, so they never taint your drink with chlorine or other common impurities. ... more

  • "A Little Bit Country,
    A Little Bit Rock ’n’ Roll"

    Made from recycled glass and the same smooth New England stones that grace all of our work, our Stone Wine Glasses are an elegant and versatile take on the traditional wineglass. Perfectly sized to accommodate reds, whites, or water, the stone that’s part of each glass enhances your favorite drink while making it a pleasure to hold and behold. ... more

  • Splash Bottle Coaster

    Our handmade Splash Bottle Coaster is sure to make a statement at your next dinner party. Designed to hold your wine bottle during service, it does so with style. Gently curved solid aluminum rods crowned with sea-smoothed stones echo the shape of water when a stone is dropped into it. ... more

  • Granite Food Server

    Our Granite Food Server is a solid piece of granite collected from New England fabricators who provide the stones in a stunning range of colors and patterns, with no two identical. We hand cut and finish each slab to a size that is both comfortable to carry and convenient to use. ... more

  • Triple Bud Vase

    Perfect for a single bud or a whole bouquet, this natural granite Triple Bud Vase is an elegant arrangement of glass and stone.  Made from upcycled granite and recycled glass vases, it stands approximately 16”x12”x8” with a thick cork base to protect your furniture. ... more

  • Time Apart

    Part clock and part modern kinetic sculpture, our design is a deconstructed timepiece-as-décor. The sleek, FSC certified solid cherry wood body with separated hour and minute hands may be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your style and available space, accented at either end with two signature sea stones. ... more

  • Granite Lazy Susan

    Our Rotating Lazy Susan displays the perfect combination of elegance and utility. We collect our granite from New Hampshire fabricators who provide the stone in a stunning range of colors, with no two identical. This natural granite server is cut and finished by hand in our studio in southern New Hampshire. ... more

  • Cattails Sculpture

    Providing a charming slice of nature for the home, this Cattail sculpture may be displayed indoors or outdoors. It is fashioned from a polished granite base (color will vary organically) from which the solid stainless steel stems sprout. ... more

  • Mini Coast Hooks

    Coast Hooks Minis are wall-mountable hangers for nearly anything. They blend the popular and versatile Coast Hooks with Serena cabinet knobs to create adorable hooks that mount easily and are a pleasure to use and touch. ... more

  • Keep Your Wines Fresh --

    Hand-gathered from the New England shoreline, these ocean-shaped stones both accentuate and preserve your favorite wines and gourmet oils. Each smooth, ergonomic bottle stopper has a stainless steel body completely immune to wine’s acidic qualities and a durable rubber plug that forms an airtight seal to keep contents fresh. ... more

  • Floor Wine Rack

    The perfect marriage between a polished granite base and solid cherry hardwood, our Floor Wine Rack has been given the Forest Stewardship Council’s seal of approval. The two uprights are secured at the top by a handsome row of stones and will hold up to 12 of your favorite bottles, while thick felt feet under the granite base protect your floor. ... more

  • Cool Cordials

    Bring a touch of sophistication to that celebratory shot! Combining the functionality of coasters and ice cubes, our smartly-designed granite holder allows you to transport frosty cocktails, after-dinner cordials, or even desserts directly from the freezer to the party—without making a mess or diluting your favorite treat. ... more

  • Glacier Beer Flight

    Our handcrafted Chillable Beer Tasting Flight is the ideal way to explore and enjoy the fast-expanding variety of fine artisan brews. Freeze the upcycled, solid granite base and keep your ale ensemble at the optimal sipping temperature during your flight. ... more

  • Granite Sponge Holder

    Our cute and energetic Granite Sponge Holder is the perfect home for your trusty kitchen sponge. Handmade from tiny sea-smoothed stones, solid aluminum, and upcycled granite, it is a beautiful and functional piece of art for your kitchen. ... more

  • Chillable Serving Tray

    Our Chillable Serving Tray is a solid piece of polished natural granite with a chiseled edge. The granite is collected from New England fabricators who provide it in a stunning range of colors and patterns, with no two identical. ... more

  • Kitchen Makeover

    Cabinets form the bedrock of any working kitchen—and now you can add a dash of natural character to the liveliest room in your home with these handsome Serena Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls. ... more

  • Tapletop Wine Rack

    Easy on the eyes, our incredibly sturdy and stable wine caddy will neatly and safely hold your three favorite bottles in a compact footprint. We hand build each one in our New Hampshire studio from polished granite and solid cherry hardwood that's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ... more

  • Wavy Candle Holder

    Each granite circle is hand selected and united with complimentary granites to create a cohesive and beautiful addition to your dining room or accent table. We have a partnership with local kitchen countertop makers, and we turn their scraps of granite into novel pieces for your home. ... more

  • Granite Photo Frame

    Our Granite Photo Frame’s clean, simple design has a natural touch that beautifully highlights your pictures. Made from one piece of distinctive, up-cycled granite, these stable picture frames hold a standard size 4x6' photograph between two pieces of polished-edge glass that are fitted into a slot in the granite. ... more

  • Rock Around The Clock

    Have some fun while keeping time with our Rock Around The Clock. Handmade of solid FSC certified cherry, graceful aluminum, and stones smoothed by the ocean, these elements come together to make a truly rare clock. ... more

  • Naturally Sourced Beauty

    A majestic meeting of natural beauty and human handicraft, our Touchstone Tables simultaneously capture the tranquil stillness of our famously hand-chosen sea stones and the endless sense of motion that drives both the physical world and the human mind. ... more